The Chair

The King Abdulaziz Chair for Islamic Studies is located in the heart of Bologna, Italy. Its premises are in Palazzo Paleotti, near Palazzo Poggi, the headquarters of Bologna University and of the Rector. The Chair represents the result of the concrete cooperation between Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University of Riyadh and Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

Panoramic view of Bologna


The Chair was created in October 2016, when the two universities Rectors Professor Francesco Ubertini and Professor Sulaiman Aba al-Khail signed the agreement that sanctioned the official establishment of the research center, the only Chair financed by a Saudi Arabian university in Italy. 

“My lord, increase me in knowledge” is the motto impressed in the logo of the Chair. In this sense, its call is: the realization of important scientific projects related to the field of Islamic studies in the broader sense of the term, besides the creation of a reference point for students, researchers, teachers, professors in Bologna and in Italy. 

In specific, the research areas selected by the Chair concentrate on: Islamic studies, Islamic law, Islamic art, Arab literature, historical relations between Italy and the Arab world, Islamic heritage in the Italian libraries, Arabic language: its diffusion in Italy, its teaching and the comparison between Italian and Arab literature.

The main aims of the Chair are:

  • To create a favorable academic environment in order to strengthen the relations between different communities, in specific the Saudi Arabian and Italian one
  • To foster the dialogue between professors, scholars, researchers and students of the two universities
  • To support scientific knowledge in the field of Arab-Islamic studies
  • To start specialized researches in the field of Arab-Islamic studies in compliance with the study areas promoted
  • To translate scientific works dedicated to Arab-Islamic studies from Arabic into Italian and vice versa
  • To organize meetings, symposia, lectures and conferences dedicated to the research themes promoted
  • To encourage the exchange of both Italian and Saudi Arabian university researchers and professors in order to realize new studies
  • To create scientific educational programs on relevant research areas dedicated to public and private non-profit bodies.