Professor Ibrahim al-Mayman
Scientific Committee


- Primary stage: Quran Memorization School at Al-Nakheel – Al-Madinah Al-Munawara .

- Intermediate and secondary stages : The Scientific Institute at Al-Ras Province . My ranking was the fifth throughout the Kingdom's intermediate institutes and I was the second throughout the Kingdom's secondary institutes . I graduated from the secondary stage in 1408/1409.

- University stage : Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University, Qassim Branch, College of Sharia and Religious Fundamentals where I graduated with 99.15% GPA ( Grade Point Average )- praise be to Allah.


Master degree stage

I studied the methodology in Riyadh in 1413 then I prepared a scientific thesis titled " Abortion rules in Islamic Jurisprudence ", discussed in 1418 with distinction grade .

- Doctorate stage : The dissertation was verification of transaction department of " Al-Bayan book " written by Al-Omrany Al-Shafi-ie ,died in 558 from the first part of" Biyouo Book " (Book of Sales ) until the end of Al-Rahn Book ( Book of Mortgage ), verification and study , under supervision of the University Undersecretary Dr. Suliman bin Abdullah Abal Khail . I finished the dissertation and had it discussed on 21/8/1422 and the discussion committee recommended to offer me the 'Doctorate Degree with 1st honor rank 'and recommended that the dissertation to be printed and exchanged with other universities .

- It is worth mentioning and has effect in the scientific configuration was inherence with our Sheikh / Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Othaimeen from 1414 until his death on 16/10/1422 in addition to my study under him at Sharia College.



- I was appointed in a position of teaching assistant after my graduation from the university in 1412/1413 as per the resolution No. 929 dated 26/3/1413 .

- Then I was promoted to the rank of' Lecturer ' as per the resolution No. 3478 on 25/11/1419 .

- Then I was promoted to ' Associate Professor ' with the Higher Institute of Judiciary with effect from 7/8/1430 after the unanimous decision of arbitrators on the powerfulness of scientific output .

- I was assigned the undersecretary of admission deanship and students ' affairs for the admission affairs as per the letter of the Imam University Vice-Chancellor (Director) No. 1/798 on 6/9/1422.

- Then the resolution of the University Vice-Chancellor No.1/3379 dated 25/6/1423 was issued to assign me the undersecretary / Deanship of Admission and Students' Affairs for admission affairs for two years effective 1/7/1423.

- The resolution No. 1020/k dated 28/10/1428 of Sharia College Dean was issued to assign me Supervisor of Higher Studies .

- A resolution of Imam University No.1/572 dated 20/9/1429 was issued to assign me an advisor in his office after the approval o Qassim University Vice- Chancellor and to be seconded to the university effective 11/10/1429 up to date .

- A resolution of the Minister of Higher Education No. 109901 dated 12/10/1433 assigning me as an undersecretary of the university for scientific institutes affairs effective 27/11/1433.

- A resolution of Imam University Vice-Chancellor No.( 1429/4-1430 ) dated 20/9/1429 assigning me as a Secretary of the Board of Directors of Research Excellence Center in the jurisprudence of contemporary issues for two years .

- A resolution of Imam University No.1429/2-1430 dated 20/9/1429 assigning me as Assistant /Director of Research excellence in the contemporary jurisprudence of research and scientific affairs for two years .

- A resolution of the Imam University Vice-Chancellor assigning me as a professor of Prince Mohammed bin Fahad Chair for Support of Youth Initiatives .

- A resolution of the University Council No. 2228 dated 1/11/1431 assigning me a member of the Scientific Council in my personal capacity .

- In addition to assigning me a Friday sermon leader(Imam) at Oniazah Provice from the 7th month 1416 and a prayer leader (Imam) for a mosque at Al-Ras Province from 1406 until 1416 , then in Riyadh in 1413, then at Onaizah Province in 1415 until now .